Be:Brave is an original adventure-rpg developed on Unreal Engine 4, that invites you to camelot castle and its surroundings, to solve the mystery of the past and save the day.
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that's why you want to play it
hover your mouse on these cards

battle is not just a sword swinging

The old castle is inhabited with various monsters and beasts, and each enemy require a special strategy to defeat it, without loosing the precious health.

Traps, traps everywhere

Do not trust anybody or anything, especially to your steps. Who knows what lies under the floor? It can be secret passage as well as deadly spikes!

player drives the narrative

Every choise in the game changes everything - from the relationships with NPC and a shape of the levels to different endings and available actions.


we're the group of people, united with an one dream - bring a great gaming experience to you. games are not just a good pastime, games are art! it's a place, where all people on earth, no matter of language or country, can be together and never be alone!
Michael Vaksman
Lead Developer
Michael is founder of One Dream team. He is our driving force and handyman wich just never sleeps. He is main gameplay programmer.
Alexander Mitin
Lead CG Artist
Alexander is co-founder of One Dream team. At Be:Brave Alexander works almost on all models, animations, artstyles, and cutscenes.
Dimitry Kovalevsky
CG Artist
Dimitry is our head of Be:Brave visual style. He draws all game concepts and embodies all our fantasies on sheet of paper.
Alexander Vinogradov
Alexander is joined to One Dream team not so long time ago, but already put his hands on gameplay and AI programming.
Alexey Budanov
Alexey works on complex back-end programming and UI design. With his help One Dream workflow becomes more helpful for team
Daniel Lesovoy
CG Artist
Daniel can create models and animations right from his mind without any concept arts. His fresh and handy ideas are great for Be:Brave
Vasiliy Rozhkov
Vasiliy is QA specialist and everyday support. He started to develop not so long time ago, but his work has huge impact for the team
Gennady Medvedev
Sound Designer
Gennadiy is lead sound designer at One Dream. He create magic with his fairy tunes and scene ambient sounds. He also created our main theme!
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